We provide packaging solutions that help our customers sell more product. Everything we do supports this mission.

Our innovative and attractive folding carton designs combine environmentally friendly materials with the structurally sound solution your product requires.

We produce environmentally responsible, graphically appealing, protective, and cost-effective corrugated packaging that is specific and customized for your industry.

Rigid set-up boxes are a packaging option for items that require or deserve special attention.

Our simple pricing structure and outstanding clamshell packaging design consultation are the reasons why we are one of the fastest growing thermoformers of plastic product packaging in the US and Asia.

In addition to our corrugated and semi-permanent display capabilities, we also provide innovative permanent display solutions.

IMPACT is an American owned and operated company that produces well designed, unique, cost effective solutions both domestically and internationally. There are no limits on creativity and materials used to produce your design solution. 

From simple displays to more complex assembly, our multiple lines can adjust to your demands. All production lines are supervised by full-time experienced employees that also manage and train temporary staff, set process flow and maintain quality control throughout production.

Do you want to enhance your brand? Customize your look? Launch a new product? By utilizing our digital solutions you can do so quickly and cost effectively!  Regardless the size of your production run, short or long, we have the digital platform to support your needs.

We can help you design and create shipping boxes that help you sell more product!

Along with The American Fallen Soldiers Project, Fleetwood-Fibre, Inc. is dedicated to honoring our veterans, their families and those who have sacrificed everything for the sake of our country and freedom.

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