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We provide packaging solutions that help our customers sell more product. Everything we do supports this mission.

we have one mission:

We provide packaging solutions that help our customers sell more product.

Everything we do supports this mission. To accomplish this mission we need our customers to believe in us. And thats why the Fleetwood-Fibre brand is so important.

So what is the Fleetwood-Fibre brand? The simplest way to think about our brand is as an idea that we share with our customers. It includes our values, our personality, and our identity. Its what we look like, what we say, and how we say it, as well as what do in the office and out in the field. Together, these expressions shape how we are perceived, which is what branding is all about.


Packaging excellence with ingenuity.

That means we continue to innovate, always looking for better solution. We strive for the highest production quality, the most compelling graphics, and the most appropriate design for every packaging, container, or display we create. That’s our promise. And that’s what we deliver.

our customers think of us as:

Adept and personable. 

Our brand personality is reflected in all aspects of the company, from management and design to production and delivery. Many packaging companies tout their equipment lists and capabilities, but aren’t really very capable. At Fleetwood-Fibre, we focus on our work and our customer relationships, not our equipment. That means no matter what our customers need, they know they can just ask and we’ll make it happen.

Through top-notch design and state of the art production techniques, our work will impress.

Fleetwood-Fibre Special Services include a state of the art design center for structural and graphic design, an in-house pre-press department that includes plate making, a direct print digital press for short run orders, packaging assembly and fulfillment area, 3D rendering capabilities and an ISTA pre-shipment testing lab, all available within our 250,000 sq. ft. facility.

A history of Fleetwood-fibre, Inc.

  • 1952 –– Business Established
  • 1962 –– Began corrugated manufacturing
  • 1972 –– Moved to City of Industry from Los Angeles
  • 1978 –– Began folding carton manufacturing
  • 1998 –– Incorporated Fibre Containers de Mexico
  • 1999 –– ISO 9001 registered
  • 2000 –– Established LACORR (Now GoldenCorr)
  • 2003 –– Acquire Fleetwood Container & Display
  • 2003 –– ISO 9001 : 2000 ISO Certification
  • 2005 –– Installation - Göpfert 7 color Corrugated Press
  • 2006 –– Changed name to Fleetwood-Fibre Packaging & Graphics
  • 2008 –– First to be Dual Certified with SFI® and FSC®